Did you know…

In the Interior, where winter temperatures can dive deeply below zero, tomatoes are grown nine months of the year in greenhouses heated by natural hot springs

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Alaska’s wild, sustainable commercial fisheries have produced over 181 billion pounds since statehood. This is worth an estimated $187 billion in 2018 dollars.

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Alaska’s Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing sector ranks 3rd for rising job growth in Alaska

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There are 229 tribes in Alaska – each indigenous Alaskan entity is diverse in culture, language, food, traditional way of life, and in traditional arts.

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Alaska’s Craft Beer sales and production had an economic impact of $332 million on Alaska’s economy in 2019.

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Fabricated Metal was among Alaska’s top 10 revenue generating manufacturing sectors – contributing $32.8 Million to Alaska’s economy in 2017.

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Alaska is home to roughly 30 active boat and shipbuilding businesses.

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From 2014 to 2020 the Textile & Fabrics industry exports in Alaska have increased by almost 300%

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The Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership is the go-to resource for manufacturers in Alaska

Alaska MEP is leading the advancement of manufacturing in our state

The Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center supports individual Alaska manufacturers

  • Cost reduction
  • Industry automation enhancements
  • Manufacturing best practices
  • Encouraging product and sales growth