This New Year, name one thing that YOU can promise to do to support small businesses and grow Alaska’s economy.

If 2020 and 2021 gave us anything, it is perspective on just how important it is to keep Alaska’s small businesses open and thriving.

They are the backbones of our communities, employers of our people, and drivers of our local economies. We are most successful when we come together as a community.

Here are some promises we know you can keep!

  • Eat in-season and look for Alaska Grown ingredients wherever possible
  • Look for the Made in Alaska logo and prioritize those items
  • Write good reviews for small businesses that I love
  • Attend craft fairs and local marketplaces whenever they pop up
  • Share small businesses’ social media posts
  • Ask my friends and family to only buy me gifts from Alaskan owned businesses
  • Slow down on the Amazon ordering and look for Alaska products instead
  • Take a trip to somewhere in Alaska that I’ve never been
  • Make an effort to engage with small businesses’ social media posts throughout the year

Share your promise as a post or story, tag us and use #PromisesForAlaska. Ask others to do the same. We will reshare all of your submissions.

BuyAlaska’s Promises

We have some New Year’s Promises of our own that we wanted to share.
This year, we want to focus especially on:

  1. Making it even easier to find and buy products and services from Alaska businesses.
  2. Continuing to spread awareness about the importance of shopping locally.
  3. Partnering with more organizations across Alaska in order to bring the most benefit to Alaska businesses.