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Grow Alaska’s Food Security


With Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, the consumer buys ‘shares’ or subscribes to a local farm’s CSA early in the season.

Members regularly collect their share of fresh, local, and seasonal produce.

This model helps farmers get up and running, builds food security in Alaska, and provides a direct connection to how and where food is produced.


Food hubs provide locally grown & harvested products, seafood & more from your community. Farmers & manufacturers gain access to larger volume markets by coordinating a local supply chain through a network of local wholesale partnerships.

  1. Producers list available items for sale on the online marketplace.
  2. You order from a virtual farmers market.
  3. Pick up your goods from a central location, and repeat!


The seafood you order is caught by local fishermen who live and work in local communities.

These independent family fishermen work to meet the highest conservation and handling standards to bring you exceptional seafood.

In return, they earn a higher price for their catch, enhancing the profitability of their businesses and communities.

Look for the Label

Made in Alaska: Made in Alaska certifies that products are produced using local materials unless the producer offers documentation that the raw materials found instate are either insufficient in quantity or quality for mass production. ‘Made in Alaska’ logo requires 51 percent or more of the product is produced in Alaska

Alaska Grown: The Alaska Grown program is designed to increase consumer awareness and consumption of Alaska agricultural products. As part of the food and fiber marketing system in Alaska, the Alaska Grown logo is encouraged to be used in conjunction with sales of farm products grown in Alaska.

Our Food, Our People, Our Future

BuyAlaska is proud to partner with the Alaska Food Policy Council

Alaska Food Policy Council’s goal is to create a healthier, more secure, and more self-reliant Alaska by improving our food system.