Invest in Alaska


Community Supported Agriculture

With Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, The consumer buys ‘shares’ or subscribes to a farm’s CSA early in the season. Members regularly collect their share of fresh, local, and seasonal produce. This pre-selling CSA model helps farmers get up and running, builds food security in Alaska, and provides a connection to how and where food is produced.

Community Supported Fisheries

Consumers pay fishermen an upfront seasonal payment in return for a share of the season’s catch. The seafood you order is caught by local fishermen who live and work in local communities and meet. In return, they earn a higher price for their catch and enhance the profitability of their businesses and communities.


Cooperatives are businesses owned and democratically controlled by “member-owners”. Services or goods provided by the co-op benefit and serve the member-owners. Contrary to popular belief coops are not non-profits, and do aim to earn profits. Earnings generated by the cooperative benefit the member-owners.

Bank Locally

Local banks have much more of a vested interest in serving the community. Because they’re smaller and invested in the local area, they function more as partners with small businesses. Keeping your money local means it stays rooted in the community and makes it a better place to live.

Rewards-Based Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. With a traditional crowdfunding website, entrepreneurs raise money by accepting donations in return for some sort of perk, such as a free or discounted product, or an early version of a new product.

Equity-Based Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding gives the general public an opportunity to invest in a startup. Securities are issued to the general public – in other words, a founder is issuing the public shares of their company in exchange for an investment.

How you can invest:

Why invest at the local level?

Not only does investing locally provide entrepreneurs and local businesses in Alaska with the money needed to grow their business, but your money is recirculated within the local community and actually GROWS.

This infusion of your dollars invigorates local economies by boosting job growth and wages, fostering innovation and building new business opportunities, and developing resiliency in Alaska.

Alaska Businesses Taking Investments:

Ramper Innovations

Reducing cost, time, and injuries associated with ground handling operations. Our featured product, TISABAS is a compact motorized folding conveyor system that goes into the aircraft belly and mechanically moves baggage and cargo eliminating the need to throw heavy baggage, mail, and freight the length of the aircraft. This reduces time and operational costs while making ramp agent jobs safer, easier, and more efficient.

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Founded in Anchorage, AK, BabyVend is the product of the lived experiences of our CEO & Founder, Jasmin Smith. One of the core values of our company is that the essentials for your little one be accessible anywhere you go. We are committed to family, community, quality, & accessibility. Our machines & product kits feature products for ages 7 & younger, traveling guardians & lactating mothers.

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