Discover the Power of Buying Local


Businesses spend money to make money. They pay their employees, suppliers, landlords, accountants—you get the idea. The big difference is that businesses with Alaskan ownership are much more likely to pay our entities that are also in Alaska.


When you shop local, about 63% of your money stays in Alaska, compared to just 22% when you purchase from an external big business.

On average, Alaskan entrepreneurs allocate twice the amount of company revenue to paying local wages, resulting in greater wealth distribution and more profit sharing.

Local businesses collaborate to bring innovative ideas to light. These partnerships fuel growth, job creation, and more localized resiliency.

Shopping locally is so helpful in our economy that every dollar spent in Alaska boosts our job market’s growth four times faster than a dollar paid to out-of-state enterprises.

Local businesses support local charities at four times the rate put forth by interstate businesses.

Money kept in Alaska by local businesses goes to paying other in-state businesses and so on. Interstate businesses shop elsewhere.

Here’s the Takeaway

When you buy local, you get awesome products and services from quality producers, and you win a secret Good Citizen award for helping out the economy.

A thriving small business community is directly linked to improved community self-reliance, greater social and civic well-being, reduced inequality, and greater economic resilience.

Alaska’s small business community packs a lot of heart. Choosing local means supporting not just an Alaska business owner, but a system of local organizations and people.