Support From Alaskans Turns Dreams into Reality with Active Mountain LLC

Support from Alaskans helps us offer Alaskans options to learn more about art, yoga, and outdoor activity. I believe that everyone at any stage can create art, practice yoga, and enjoy the outdoors in a way that supports a healthy lifestyle. I established Active Mountain LLC which offers artwork with Active Mountain Design and teaches yoga with Active Mountain Yoga, located in Girdwood, Alaska. Our services teach people how to deal with stress, increase balance, and strength, and support their daily lifestyle in a healthier way. Our art is inspired by our outdoor experiences in nature.

We support a lifestyle of being outdoors in any condition or location in a safe way. We support people who start where they are and pick up a paintbrush for the first time, practice focus breathing, and walking outside. We also support people who are extremely active, have high artistic talent, and are extremely busy. We offer yoga in beautiful Girdwood, Alaska. Our art is available for purchase. We also offer art lessons with sketching, painting, photography, and wood burning, specializing in nature art. We believe that everyone has artistic talent that they can tap into to help enhance life daily.   

Life in Alaska can have extreme conditions including extreme weather, high cost of living, high cost of healthcare, expensive vehicles, and so on. Throughout the year we deal with ice and slippery conditions. Developing a yoga practice can help strengthen balance and muscles to have more control over slippery conditions.

Alaskans supporting our business also support our community. I believe in supporting your local community by being involved in groups that work to support a healthy community. I experience every day the powerful work of volunteers.  I am the President of the Board of Directors with the Girdwood Health Clinic. I volunteer with Four Valleys Community School coaching kids, and the Performing Arts Center as an usher. I love this work and it is all volunteer/non-paid. To better serve the community, your support allows us to support our health clinic, as well as other local organizations such as the Girdwood Health Clinic, FVCS, GVCA, Challenge Alaska, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and the Anchorage Performing Arts Center. The more our customers support us, the more we can contribute our time, energy, and resources to these great organizations that provide valuable services in Alaska. We dedicate 10% of our profits to donate to non-profit organizations. At this time the amount is very small because sales are low, but with support from Alaskans, the amount may grow.

Support from Alaskans allows us to develop and grow a future wellness retreat center in Alaska. Our long-term plan is to develop a lodge for people to retreat to spend time in nature with outdoor activities, practice yoga, and make art that reflects their time in nature. Support from Alaska helps us create this dream place and make it a reality in Alaska. I also believe in creating a business without taking on debt. This is a slow process, but I believe that it is the best way to create a sustainable business that lasts for future generations to enjoy and provides valuable experiences to people along every stage of growth and development. This is a big mission that can be as small as working from our home, as we are now, or as large as a resort retreat setting. Support from Alaskans allows us to continue our mission to serve Alaskans by supporting a healthy lifestyle.      

Jennifer’s artwork is currently available in Anchorage, Alaska at the new Frozen Flamingo Market. Check it out at

Contact Jennifer at Active Mountain LLC and discuss opportunities to collaborate with art, yoga or outdoor activity. We are also open to discussing work with a videographer. Contact us to purchase artwork by Jennifer. Email:

Jennifer offers in-person, drop-in, group yoga classes in Girdwood, available to all levels. Check out the website for dates and times:

Painting for Sale: Virgin Falls Summer
Painting for Sale: Summer Fireweed
Painting for Sale: Denali Summer Sunset
Photo Credit: Michelle Cosper


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