Locals Are Closing the Gap for Alaska & Yukon Tours

Living in Alaska, we know many of our fellow citizens tend to be more travel-savvy than others and like to book on their own.  Because of this, we have never really marketed or focused on selling travel to Alaskans. In our travel agency/tour operator field – we’ve traditionally been a very busy business for about 4 months out of the year, 4 months of break even, and then the rest is the challenge. 

We focus on offering the best options & selections for our inbound tourists, which has opened the door to Alaskans thru our volume discounts, perks with travel suppliers (such as waivers, name changes, etc) – and allowed AYT to pivot to assisting Alaskans travel in the off-season and close that 8 month gap where our business is in the red. 

Many of our vendors have allowed us year-round rates, which means more savings for Alaskans- including Alaskan partners with properties & options in warmer climates like Florida and Hawai’i.  Alaskans are realizing we do more than just bring in tourists, but we also have made travel planning even easier & more affordable, which us to stay open year round!

The seasonal pivot between locals & tourists has really made the difference for us.


Alaska & Yukon Tours