Denali Family Business Collective Thrives With Local Alaskan Consumers and Partners

Every summer Denali Hostel & Cabins, along with our sister companies, welcomes guests from around the world. We actively promote our shared and private accommodation both domestically and internationally but cannot thrive without the support of local Alaskan consumers and partners. 

Many Alaskans have not visited Denali. This fact might surprise you. Folks have either put it off year after year in favor of traveling to the lower 48 or are just new arrivals. We’d like to change that!

It is really satisfying to host and show the Denali area off to Alaskans from Anchorage and other parts of the state who haven’t visited our great wilderness. Whether it’s knowing our guests are comfortable at our cozy accommodations, sending them off on an e-bike adventure from Chain Lynx Bike Shop, picking them up from the train depot with our Sheep Shuttle service, or guiding them to capture the photographs of a lifetime with Denali Photo Guides.

Local Alaskans end up being the best ambassadors for Denali and Alaska on the whole, inviting their out-of-state friends and family to visit our great state. Once they know the splendor of Denali, they come back themselves to visit! 

Denali Hostel & Cabins also works very closely with other Alaskan-run small businesses, who are our neighbors. Our management and staff frequent those businesses throughout the season. We also make bookings and recommend these nearby businesses to our guests. This creates a wonderful synergy in our little ‘neighborhood’ of Carlo Creek. Our neighbors are very important to us.

It’s not just a good idea to “shop local” only to support the local economy but because these Alaskans provide the best goods and services. They understand the lay of the land, what comes with this territory, and what it takes to live and thrive here. When our guests experience the best that Denali has to offer, they eat at locally-run cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops and get the best excursions and activities from locally-run outfitters.

We love and are grateful to our Alaskan guests and welcome them with open arms. We appreciate their business and their openness to embrace their home state and our local culture and businesses. Traveling closer to home is also greener. Anytime we avoid air travel we’re lowering our carbon footprint. We also offer promos to Alaska residents because we know it can be difficult to find affordable lodging and activities during the summer tourism season. Alaskans and military personnel based in Alaska can use promo code SHOWUP4AK for discounts at all of our sister companies.

We are working hard to help Alaska prosper while respecting the ecology and natural beauty here as well as acknowledging the original stewards of this land we love. Denali is at the intersection of the traditional lands of five different native groups: the Ahtna, Dena’ina, Koyukon, Upper Kuskokwim, and Tanana peoples.

We hope to see even more Alaskans at Denali Hostel in the coming years!


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